Prepare an advertisement for a garage sale

Feb 22, 2016 · This post is the second part of a 3 part series on “How to Promote a Garage Sale”. Jun 12, 2007 · Neighborhood garage sales attract tons more customers, so talk to your neighbors and spread the word ahead of time to arrange multiple sales

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  1. Have some change on hand
  2. Stack of Books Clipart 18
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  4. Sites like YardSaleSearch
  5. ) or simply indicate the time at which the yard sales begins
  6. More careworn or out-of-style coats should go for between $5 and $10
  7. com, your local Craigslist website and local Facebook community groups
  8. This is your chance to briefly describe your sale
  9. Have good advertising with signs big enough to see
  10. They just get behind the wheel and drive